Get Moving, Get Pumped

The science behind a pair of trainers has developed rapidly over the years. Almost so much that people have stopped caring. So if one pair of trainers has a benefit over another pair in one area, but a handicap from the other pair in another area – what pair do you buy?

Reebok are a brand which have had to reinvent themselves in recent times. The rise of Under Armour and New Balance, along with the giants Nike and Adidas have meant that they’ve had to sell their products to people differently.

This video of the new ZPump Fusion 2.0 gives customers a sense of excitement. The combination of nature and the shoe effectively growing on the foot give the impression that it is the most natural and perfect running shoe on the market today. Take a look for yourself.

The ZPump Fusion 2.0 follows last years model, in which Reebok initiatied a “Get Moving, Get Pumped” campaign where health statistics from lack of exercise were used to motivate users of the subway in Korea to “Get Moving, Get Pumped”. This involved installing a game in the subway called Subway Pump Battle. Two commuters were chosen to participate in a race to see who can press the most ‘pump’ buttons in the time limit – the winner’s receiving a pair of Reebok ZPump Fusion’s.

The moral of the story? People don’t care about all the magic tricks your shoes can do anymore. Sell it to them magically.

Will Wood, Leeds Beckett University, Sport Marketing Student


Reebok  ZPump fusion 2.0 see how it works| Accessed: 27 July 2016

Reebok Korea    ZPump fusion | Accessed: 27 July 2016


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