The Impact of Digital Media on Reputation

“Where do you hide a dead body? On the third page of Google results.” This gag from Lori Randall Stradtman (2012) highlights the sheer competitiveness of digital media marketing and the significance of having good online reputation management.

Reputation 1
Your actions + What others say about you = Your Reputation. (Mwalimu, 2016)

Online Reputation Management involves managing and controlling the reputation of an individual through monitoring and influencing messages about them. This can be done using good online PR in order to increase awareness of yourself, differentiate yourself from the crowd, and maintain and improve people’s perception of you – removing or making those photos from Magaluf 2012 on Facebook private might be a good start! This also goes for businesses as well, Grant (2005) suggested that people would “turn their back on the internet should the level of perceived intrusion continue”, and that that businesses would be more respected if their marketing wasn’t so aggressive.

A piece of advice which Susan Adams (2013) wrote on is to optimise your presence on social media sites. This may seem like an obvious thing to do, but is it something you are currently doing? This doesn’t mean like more posts or retweet someone else’s stuff, it involves posting your own content, linking all your social networking accounts together, and editing URL links such as your public profiles to make it easier for people to find you.

This is particularly important to your success in a day and age where the world is being taken over by mobile devices – some of these stats are incredible.

Del Piccolo (No Date)

The Effectiveness of Mobile Marketing

Statistics like this emphasise how people can research you within seconds, and with many employers looking at your social media accounts prior to interviews, it really is crucial that your account is ‘clean’, and contains content which is relevant to the job your applying for, such as a passion for sport in a sports role.

Will Wood, Leeds Beckett University, Sport Marketing Student


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