How to get that Dream Digital Marketing Job

Having studied what feels like hundreds of articles, blogs, journals (you name it), I’m confident I have identified 3 areas to separate yourself from the rest in order to be successful in digital marketing, and get that dream job.

Be Active Online! 

How can you expect to get a job in digital media marketing if you haven’t even invested it in yourself? Get out there and send; Tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram photos, the lot! It’ll improve your following and create a stronger portfolio for yourself. Patel (2014) recommends finding “5 blogs in an area which interests you and remember them and tell the interviewee why you like reading those blogs” to highlight that you’re proactive.

If you’re applying for a Social Media role and have a professional Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook page then mention it in your CV. Employers needs to see that you can use these platforms! Patel (2014) also suggests writing 2 or 3 posts which interest you. Then adding the link to your CV as evidence.

Once you’ve got that job and you’re sat at your desk it’s perhaps even more important to keep up to date with the future of digital marketing rather than the current according to Alton (2015). This is because being able to predict and provide content for new trends before competitors is what will drive traffic to your website and set you apart from the rest.

Be Active Offline!

You can’t just talk the talk you need to walk the walk as well. Being a keyboard warrior isn’t everything, employers value industry experience. Claeys-Jackson (2015) states “study often isn’t enough for employers; work experience is also essential.” – it shows that you’re interested and committed, as well as hungry to develop.

In addition to this, take advantage of opportunities. Attend part-time courses, study online courses and attend events and “get along to meetups and conferences” (Asher,2013) with like-minded people in the industry to create connections and pick their brains, you might stumble across something that will help you!


A lot of people will argue that “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”, and a lot of the time this is true – however, if you don’t get out there and communicate with people then you aren’t helping yourself either. Asher (2013) says “all you need to do is get yourself out and about, do a bit of networking, and make sure the people you know are the right people.”

This could be online or in person and reinforces Asher’s point in the ‘Be Active Offline!’ section about getting along to meet ups and conferences. People won’t come to you offering help so go out there and get it yourself before somebody else does.

In the ‘Be Active Online!’ section it was suggested that predicting future trends is more important than current trends. However, it is still important to take advantage of current trends, here are some suggestions Harris (2015) has made in order to identify current trends in the first place.

  • Set up LinkedIn Pulse with the topics, influencers, and publications that are of interest to you, and check it at least 3 to 4 times a day (many times on the go)
  • Check Trending Topics on Twitter to stay up to date – using specific hashtags and always running it in the background to ensure that news is read in real time.

Will Wood, Leeds Beckett University, Sport Marketing Student


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